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It is our goal to provide complete and integrated services that facilitate the immigration process to the United States. We provide legal services and advice to investors, multinational companies, professional sports teams, and entertainers looking to temporarily visit or reside in the U.S. permanently.  

IMMIGRation crisis management

We have extensive experience helping our clients navigate through the bureaucracy and difficult times that accompany an immigration crisis.  From visa denials, to ICE I-9 company audits, and Homeland Security Investigations, we've helped our clients through these delicate and worrisome situations. 



We aggressively represent clients in personal injury and property damage claims resulting from the negligence of others. We fight insurance companies to win the most compensation for our clients' losses. Our firm negotiates on behalf of our clients and handles cases prior to litigation and throughout court proceedings against the responsible party.

Our experience and our results matter.


Whether it be a foreign investor seeking relocation to the United States, a multinational corporation looking to expand operations by hiring or transferring foreign managing officers, a professional sports team recruiting players from abroad to gain that competitive advantage, or an internationally recognized musician planning to tour the U.S., the client can rest assured our firm has both extensive experience and success in handling these cases.  Investors, corporations, professional sports teams, and internationally acclaimed entertainers repeatedly turn to Rosas & Suerken, PLLC to represent them in their immigration matters. 


Our results include:

Successful defeat of a Notice of Intent to Deny issued by US Citizenship and Immigration Service against a foreign investor's petition with minimal assets

Successful representation of major league sports players throughout the US residency process

Successful representation of a foreign politician accused of graft and drug profiteering, and barred entry into the United States

Successful representation of an internationally acclaimed musical groups through the "P" (performance) visa process through the US Citizenship and Immigration Service   


Whatever immigration issue you or your organization may be facing, rest assured Rosas & Suerken, PLLC is prepared to handle it.  We have extensive immigration experience, as well as strategic partnerships with lawyers, consultants, and former agents in the field to help navigate you through your immigration case.


We understand the severity of an immigration crisis.


Immigration law is considered one of the most complex areas of American law.  The rules are often changing, and it is not difficult to find that you may have run afoul of one.  As government administrations change, so do norms in law enforcement.  American agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, and Customs and Border Patrol, are now increasingly enforcing immigration laws, and the consequences of running afoul of the laws can be severe.

At Rosas & Suerken, PLLC, we understand the sensitive nature of these situations and the severity of potential consequences that they may present to a foreign national.  Losing the right to conduct business, visit with family, forfeiture of assets, and inadmissibility into the United States are often all on the line for a client in this situation.  Our firm has dealt extensively with clients in similar situations and has obtained positive results.

Our firm has extensive resources at our disposal to help our clients navigate these delicate situations.  We consistently work with various agencies, consultants, and experts in order to remedy our client's particular situation.   



The comfort of having an experienced law firm on your side matters during an injury.


Our firm represents clients in personal injury claims and property damage resulting from negligence. We understand how frustrating and debilitating an injury can be; therefore, we strive to win the most compensation for our client’s losses. We negotiate with insurance carriers on behalf of our clients, handle all aspects of a case prior to litigation, as well as throughout court proceedings against the responsible party.

We have broad experience handling various types of injuries resulting from automobile accidents, work place injuries, and defective products. If you have been injured by another party, or insurance carriers are refusing to honor your claim, we will vigorously defend your rights and represent you through the conclusion of your case.